Improved AI solution for better media performance

Slash9 will provide broadcasters and TV content providers with correct guide data – powered by computer vision it will indicate the content, adjust Electronic Program Guide (EGP), clear the TV archive, and will perform other necessary tasks.

It works very similarly as it would be a human, but in a more effective way

It includes several logical steps


Original EPG import

It is the baseline as it contains all the expected content assets.


Learning and marking

With computer vision, it starts to observe TV channels and learns how ads look like, and afterwards marks all ad breaks. Learning can be speed up with a few manually provided ad examples.


Comparing and correcting

It excludes all ads and ad breaks from TV content and compares with original EPG. Slash9 corrects starting and ending markers and provides corrected EPG for catch-up content.

EPG with 88-95% accuracy

In fully autonomous mode Slash9 will correct and place 88-95% of all markers within the very first and very last frames of the particular content item depending on the complexity of channel content.

EPG with 100% accuracy

If that 95% of full automated validation is not enough, then the system also allows correcting the markers manually providing an extremely high efficiency – 100%.

For TV content users


It improves user experience by providing precise scheduling information,


Provides with relevant ads, or even paid services without ads.

For broadcasters and TV content providers


It supplies with insights on how to make advertising more effective:

- cut the ads out and provide paid services without them;

- replace ads with more effective ones, based on the date of the target audience.


Save up the resources by cleaning the archive.

Are you ready to improve your media performance?

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